About the Author


Christine Z. Mason

Christine Z. Mason was born in Chicago and grew up in Los Angeles, earning her B.A. in English Literature with an Art Minor at UCLA. She studied Literature and Creative Writing at UCLA English Graduate School, then served in the Peace Corps, teaching Art and Photography at the Community College of Micronesia on Pohnpei, Eastern Caroline Islands. She earned her J.D. at University of California, King Hall, and subsequently practiced constitutional and criminal law. She has also taught law classes at several universities.

Christine has published two novels: Boundaries: A Love Story and Weighing the Truth; and a middle-grade adventure story, The Mystery of the Ancient Stone CityHer short fiction has appeared various literary print journals, including in North Atlantic Review, Whetstone, and A Summer’s Reading. She has won awards for her fiction at the California Writers’ Club Jack London Writers’ Conference, CWC Asilomar Conference, and the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Conference.

Christine is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association, California Writers’ Club, and California State Bar Association. She has written articles and book reviews and is active in the literary community. She participates in various writers’ conferences, including Squaw Valley Writers’ Conference, San Diego State University Writers’ Conference, PNWA Conference, and Foothill College Writers’ Conference, and has been a speaker at the Sacramento Book Collectors’ Club and PNWA Conference. In 2016 she co-presented a workshop at the PNWA Conference with author G. Elizabeth Kretchmer on creating villains and bad guys in fiction.

Christine lives with her husband on the central coast of California; they have a daughter and a son. Christine has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, the United States and Canada. She enjoys reading, hiking, photography, and painting.

Contact: HillrowEditions@gmail.com