Weighing the Truth: A Novel

A character-driven legal suspense story

A legal suspense novel

In this just-released legal suspense novel, bizarre and traumatic incidents occur after attorney Natalya Drummond visits her threatening client on death row. Nat is led to investigate the suspicious, possibly related circumstances of her husband’s death—a mystery she must solve before she can move on in her personal and professional life.

Boundaries: A Love Story

Boundaries: A Love Story, is a richly textured novel about the devastating effects of abandonment and the primacy of love, now available in hardcover, ebook and paperback. During a vacation on a small island off of Cape Cod in 1980, a young woman is drawn into the maelstrom of family secrets and dysfunction and eventually into a profound but imprudent love.

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The Mystery of The Ancient Stone City

The Mystery of the Ancient Stone City with Reader’s Guide

An ancient mystery, an astounding discovery, a medicine man with magical powers:  a girl, her brother, and an intriguing island boy on a perilous trek through the jungle…

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