Short Fiction:

“A Decent Interval,” North Atlantic Review literary journal,

“Pohnpei,” short story in A Summer’s Reading literary journal

“Glass,” short story in Whetstone literary journal

Articles and Reviews:

Shift foreseen on U.S. Supreme Court church-state Issues,” 10/16/2008

Conference promotes writing kids’ books,” 11/2/2008

Book sheds light on rise of progressive politics in Santa Cruz,” 11/1/2008

Child-raising expert Jane Nelsen to appear in Santa Cruz,” 1/10/2009

Dr. Arnie Leff: A rabblerouser with a heart,” 3/12/2009

Children’s Story has Edge of Reality,” 4/19/2009

Santa Cruz author takes on world of teen organ transplants,” 6/24/2009

Gabriel Constans tells story of ‘Buddha’s Wife,” 8/30/2009