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Psychological Fiction and Intra-Family Relationships

Are you interested in psychological fiction involving boundaries in relationships between people, especially intra-family relationships? In my new novel, Boundaries: A Love Story, the subject of boundaries between people and those imposed by society is explored. This fence photograph is

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Revisiting Berkeley Scenes from Boundaries: A Love Story

I recently strolled around north Berkeley with my friend Lois on a sunny Saturday afternoon, revisiting a neighborhood where I lived several years ago. I took photos of some of the places that became settings for a number of scenes in my debut

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Burial Rites: a new novel about murder and capital punishment in 19th century Iceland

Burial Rites is brilliantly written by  Hannah Kent, a 27-year-old Australian author who lived in Iceland as a 17-year-old and later returned to Iceland to research the historical subject matter of the book. It’s the story of an Icelandic woman

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