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Another Review: Boundaries: A Love Story

Here is a wonderful, in-depth new review of my new novel, BOUNDARIES: A LOVE  STORY: Lloyd Russell, reviewer, “Saturday, October 11, 2014 Boundaries, A Love Story, by Christine Z. Mason, ANOTHER Local Author I want to start this post by

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Joint Book Tour Planned

I’m happy to announce that my colleague and friend, G. Elizabeth Kretchmer, will be doing a book tour in northern California with me at the end of October. Gail Kretchmer’s debut novel, The Damnable Legacy of A Minister’s Wife, has

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New Review for Boundaries: A Love Story

A new review of Boundaries: A Love Story has just been published by the Times Publishing Group, Inc. (July 15, 2014). Please note that the novel is also available now in paperback and ebook from, Barnes and Noble,  

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Jane Austen Novels and Cousins Marrying

In many of Jane Austen’s novels (Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, etc.) there are often plots or subplots involving cousins considering marriage to cousins, often to keep property within the family. My recently published novel, Boundaries: A Love Story, also

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Revisiting Berkeley Scenes from Boundaries: A Love Story

I recently strolled around north Berkeley with my friend Lois on a sunny Saturday afternoon, revisiting a neighborhood where I lived several years ago. I took photos of some of the places that became settings for a number of scenes in my debut

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Burial Rites: a new novel about murder and capital punishment in 19th century Iceland

Burial Rites is brilliantly written by  Hannah Kent, a 27-year-old Australian author who lived in Iceland as a 17-year-old and later returned to Iceland to research the historical subject matter of the book. It’s the story of an Icelandic woman

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In Lynn Messina’s recent article in the New York Times, “Chained to the Hearth or Warmed by It?” she addresses the issue of motherhood vs. career, a question related to the hotly debated Lean In – Lean Out controversy first named

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