The Mommy Wars and Boundaries

The Mommy Wars Rage On, as evidenced in the feature article in the latest issue of More magazine (April 2013). Stay-at-home mothers battle it out with mothers in the workplace, and it’s been going on for decades. In my upcoming novel, Boundaries, which takes place in the 1980’s, the conflict is between a workaholic mother and her daughter, who as an adult, faces the challenge of a meaningful career while raising a young child. Is compromise possible, and how much should a woman give up in order to spend more time with her children? What about men—what kind of compromises in lifestyle and career advancement are they willing and able to make when they are parents? Can women see eye-to-eye on this fraught subject? These questions run throughout my novel about cousins who fall in love. Read the article in More and see if anything hits a nerve.

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