More info re my Crafting Villains presentation with G. Elizabeth Kretchmer at PNWA Conference

Here’s more info about my Villains presentation at the PNWA Conference in July.
Topic: How to Craft Anti-Heroes, Villains, and Scoundrels
Panel: G. Elizabeth Kretchmer and Christine Z Mason
Description: Humbert Humbert, Professor Snape, Captain Ahab: What is it about unlikeable characters that make us love them so? As writers, we need to study and closely observe human nature if we want to craft dark and fascinating characters. In this interactive workshop, we’ll examine personality traits of disagreeable, even loathsome, characters ranging from irritating to psychopathic.
We’ll also consider the purpose of this type of character in relation to the overall story and explore the psychological reasons why readers are drawn to them. After looking at some well-known compelling bad guys (and girls), we’ll spend some time crafting character sketches of our own miscreants.

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